Custom Masturbators / Dildos

You must have seen adult toys like male masturbators and dildos of famous porn stars and wondered how can you get one that’s made with your body part? We are your answer. We can help your develop your own private label masturbator or dildo, made from a mold of your own penis or vagina.

Our masturbators and strokers are made with TPR material, which is soft and supple to give the guys that real flesh feeling.

This is our competitors sample of a masturbator, which is become a standard, but is just terrible quality.

This is what our masturbator looks like, which is soft and feels real.

Our dildos can be made with Silicone or PVC materials to give them the real flesh feel.

The process is quite simple from the time we get your mold to the time we get the product produced. We will help you get it manufactured and distributed via our current customer base of adult toy distributors or you can get stock for yourself and promote it to your own followers and fans via your own site.

The benefits of doing this are endless, because the cost to you is minimal and the rewards are huge.

If this opportunity interests you, send us a message via our contact form and one of our sales reps will contact you.